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  • julian-bell-0236tmb-w1020h800
  • julian-bell-0152
    There Was Light
    Oils on board 35cm high
  • julian-bell-0153
    It Was Good
    Oils on board 35cm high
  • julian-bell-0154
    What Adam Called
    Oils on board 35cm high
  • julian-bell-0155
    Eve is Brought
    Oils on board 35cm high
  • julian-bell-0213-w1020h800
    Jacob Wrestling
    etching 20 x 44 cm
  • Julian Bell The Windlass
    The Windlass: Oils on canvas, 2003 Off the coast of Dalmatia.
    The artist's wife operates a remote to draw up the anchor. 28 x 42 in
  • Julian Bell The Stolen Boat
    The Stolen Boat
    Oils on canvas, 2002 26 x 40 in.
  • Julian Bell The Stolen Boat
    Leading Out the Horses
    Oils on canvas, 2001
  • Julian Bell The Stolen Boat
    Shelley's Book
    Oils on canvas, 2004 Painted for the Lewes bookseller Alan Shelley, recording his walk along the High Street from his home to the Bow Windows Bookshop. 20 x 36 in
  • Julian Bell The Stolen Boat
    Watching the Furrow [Four Quartets]
    Oils on canvas, 2010
  • Julian Bell The Stolen Boat
    The Tip
    Oils on canvas, 1999
  • Julian Bell The Stolen Boat
    Oils on canvas, 2008 54 x 30 in

Julian Bell is a painter living in Lewes, Sussex. Besides painting, he writes about art for various magazines and has also written several books including What is Painting? Representation and Modern Art (1999) and Mirror of the World: A New History of Art (2007).

PAINTINGS UP TO 2014     Paintings of Julian's owned by collectors are grouped here under the categories Land and RoadRoom and WindowHe, She, TheySky, Wall, Earthand Stories. All Julian's unsold work up to March 2014 was destroyed when the building housing his studio caught fire on the 29th of that month. (For details of this, see Julian's article When fire claims a lifetime's work - The Guardian.) The work that was destroyed is shown under the category Ex-paintings.

CURRENT   Security is Julian's first solo exhibition in London for six years. It opens at the Mercer Chance Gallery, 253 Hoxton Street, London N1 5LG on Thursday 3 November and continues till 17 November. Security presents new figure paintings based on present-day life. (Title image: see above.) It also includes a selection from 2015's Genesis sequence. (See above.) Gallery website: www.mercerchance.co.uk