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  • Julian Bell Bridge
    Oil on canvas 51 x 104 cm
  • Julian Bell Handover
    Oil on canvas 51 x 86 cm
  • Julian Bell Zuhr
    Oil on canvas 51 x 87 cm
  • Julian Bell Fridge
    Oil on canvas 51 x 72 cm

Julian Bell is a painter living in Lewes, Sussex. Besides painting, he writes about art for various magazines and has also written several books including What is Painting? (1999: new edition, 2017), Mirror of the World: A New History of Art (2007) and Vincent van Gogh: A Power Seething (2015).

Julian in his studio with two pieces from his forthcoming exhibition When the City is Built 



A tired single mum cradles her infant and a remote control, their faces lit by desktop screen, while London at night is laid out beneath the window. An office intern performs his prayers on a rooftop while his friend looks on, the City of London with its tall buildings and cranes before them. A venerable London church sits quietly in the moonlight, kept company by a sleeping homeless man and a security guard, glimpsed through a nearby office window.

These are some of the scenes from When The City Is Built, thirty new paintings by Julian Bell, which he describes as ‘a hymn to the great 21st century city which is London’.

Julian's latest exhibition opens on Wednesday 9 October 2019 at the Menier Gallery. 

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Gallery: www.paintingsinhospitals.org.uk